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Meet the Moonriver Model 404, an integrated amplifier designed and built in Sweden. It has the option of a modular phono stage and ditto DAC. Modularity means that the phono stage and the DAC can be added at any time. Or upgraded when something better comes along.

At Green Audio Review we like that way of thinking. Not only does it give us the option of tailoring the amp to our specific needs, it also allows us to upgrade to a better DAC module as time goes by. Modularity equals longevity and longevity is the opposite of obsolescence.

This will help any audiophile to overcome that most common of illnesses: audiophilia nervosa.

If we want to save money and reduce the industry’s dirty footprint this is one of the ways of doing that.


This integrated is assembled by hand. It has a 3-year warranty and is the essence of functional design and is built to last. From the Moonriver Audio website:

We had a very clear vision when we conceived the Moonriver 404 amplifier: Classic design with a modern touch; high quality materials such as massive aluminum knobs, solid walnut cheeks, sturdy enclosure; ergonomic user interface.

There are no “shaved” aesthetics here, no display with complicated serial menus and hidden functions, nor a single multi-function knob for “minimalistic” purposes.

The heart of Model 404 is pure and minimal but the interface is user oriented and easy to operate by anyone in seconds with no need to resort to the user manual. Four knobs and three switches give direct access to any function.

We also care for sustainability as well as for reliability. Moonriver products are covered by a 3-year warranty and are designed to last for decades without any need of maintenance.

The Model 404 pushes 50 w per channel into 8 ohm. Price starts at approx. €2850,-

How does it sound? I don’t know yet, but you can expect to see a review of the 404 here in the near future…



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