Did You Know: PS Audio Trade-in

Did you know that PS Audio with the affable Paul McGowan at the helm has a trade-in program when you purchase from the PS Audio website?

I know what you’re thinking: this is a way for customers to trade-in their nice PS Audio gear for some new and even nicer PS Audio gear.

While that’s certainly possible, PS Audio’s trade-in program is more generous and all-inclusive. Here’s what makes their approach different:

1: You can trade-in any hi-fi brand!

2: You get full retail value towards your new buy!

3: You can get a maximum of 30% off towards your new PS Audio product.

4: This offer is for U.S. residents only.

Selling your gear on the used market can be frustrating, time-consuming and economically unsound. One thing is for certain, you won’t get anywhere near full retail value for your old Marantz receiver anywhere else. If you’re looking for a serious upgrade to your existing system this is a very easy way to go about that.

While this is mostly for U.S. residents, PS Audio assured me that many of their distributors also offer trade-in programs but that the terms vary.

And it is exactly the terms that caught our eye: Any brand, full retail value.

Green Audio Review is concerned about sustainability? Well, we are. Sustainability in hi-fi does not mean we shouldn’t buy new gear; it means that we should by the right gear. Upgrading our hi-fi system is not forbidden, but maybe we should do it more rationally. The trade-in program from PS Audio is a cool way to upgrade our system to components that have a quality that might never have to be replaced.

Did you know that all PS Audio products are built in Boulder, Colorado.?

You can read more at the PS Audio website.

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