Did You Know: COOP

Did You Know: Here in Denmark, COOP, a big corporation of convenience stores/supermarkets, have launched an app that allows their customers to check the carbon footprint of the stuff they’re about to buy. It will tell you the green difference between potatoes and rice, or chicken or pork. Further, you can see where your footprint […]

Did You Know: PS Audio Trade-in

Did you know that PS Audio with the affable Paul McGowan at the helm has a trade-in program when you purchase from the PS Audio website? I know what you’re thinking: this is a way for customers to trade-in their nice PS Audio gear for some new and even nicer PS Audio gear. While that’s […]

Did You Know: Schiit Yggdrasil GS

Did you know that American company Schiit have a DAC called Yggdrasil? It’s their TOTL and by all accounts it plays music with rare ability. At a price of $2449/€2959 the Yggdrasil isn’t cheap. But every review I’ve come across makes a point of mentioning its amazing price-performance. Did you know that the Yggdrasil saw […]