Green Audio Review

Green Audio Review is about the gear we use to listen to music: speakers, headphones, amplifiers, DACs, turntables, streamers, etc. It is also about sustainability, and the green factor, of these components. Hence our name.

Sustainability and consumer electronics might seem oxymoronic but in this brave new world we believe that audiophiles should take the enviromental impact of a given product into consideration when investing in new gear. We will attempt to make that easier.

Choosing new gear is still about sound, form, and function but on these pages sustainability – or maybe ethics – is part of the review process.

Being an audiophile, or simply listening to music, is supposed to be fun and engaging. Isn’t it? Green Audio Review is not about pointing fingers at big Class A monoblocks or rare-metal drivers. The last thing this hobby needs is a(nother) voice telling people what to do, what to think, and what to buy.

We will try to point at ways to enjoy music without the giga-dollar expense, and without over-complicating things. How many reclockers, decrappifiers, exotic cables, power strips, power plants, power generators, and cable elevators does David Bowie need?

What we do at Green Audio Review is not that different from other sites: we offer a our subjective view on hi-fi and how a particular product sounds, looks, and functions. We just take the future of the world into consideration when we do so…


We will review virtually any piece of affordable gear. We’ll do this using the music we listen to everyday. Modern- and indie-rock, a lot of electronic music, new classical, metal, a bit of jazz and folk.

Sustainability will play a part in how we evaluate a piece of gear. Just because something is designed in Europe and manufactured in China doesn’t make it a bad product. But if a product is shipped three times around the world before it ends up in your rack, there’s room for improvement.

We don’t claim to have the best ears in the business, not even close. This site is called Green Audio Review because sustainability is important to us. But green also points to our experience. We’ve listened to a fair amount of gear but we are in no way as experienced as some of the guys we look up to. As reviewers and, indeed, web designers, we are green as grass.

Also, there are plenty of very good reviewers who review gear from a very technical platform. We like reading and watching some of those reviews. But we like it better when they forget the specs and the technobabble and share their musical experience.

And that’s what we’ll try to do: take heed of the hardware, certainly, and describe the sound with concepts from the audiophile handbook. But that’s only the frame, the music is the painting – and how it makes us feel is why we are all here in the first place…

Thank you for reading.