Did You Know: Schiit Yggdrasil GS

Did you know that American company Schiit have a DAC called Yggdrasil? It’s their TOTL and by all accounts it plays music with rare ability. At a price of $2449/€2959 the Yggdrasil isn’t cheap. But every review I’ve come across makes a point of mentioning its amazing price-performance. Did you know that the Yggdrasil saw […]

Schiit Gungnir: review (part 2 of 2)

This is part 2 of my review/comparison of the two DAC modules in the Schiit Gungnir (you can find part 1 here). So which sounds better, the Delta Sigma or the Multibit? And is modular architecture a way to make hi-fi greener? What does modularity do for a product. This site views modularity as upgradability. […]

Sustainability #2

Sustainability is about balance. Balance between civilization and nature. Between the present and the future – and the timeless needs of the biosphere. That gives deeper meaning to the concept balanced audio. In that sense, balanced audio is what Green Audio Review is all about. MMK

The NAD C368: review

How many boxes do we need to get great sound? If you ask NAD, one. Here’s the NAD C368, a super integrated that does it all. I’m auditioning several integrated amplifiers at around €1000-1400 to find a reference point. That’s standard fare for any audiophile: to find the best piece of equipment for one’s system/room/valet/needs. […]

Sustainability #1

What is sustainability in audio and how do we measure it? Is it how much electricity your giant Class A amplifier wastes as heat? Is it the amount of preciously rare metals used in your car-sized speakers? Is it the chemicals used in manufacturing and how the factory gets rid of them? Is it shipping? […]